Mission Statement

To bring a little heaven to Earth and bless others with this restorative resource.

To provide a place to reconnect, recharge and renew in peace

The purpose of Spiritual Footsteps is to provide a healing refuge where people could reconnect to God’s designed purpose for their life. Many times in the day to day world of business, family, and even church wounding occurs, these wounds are soul deep and can be instrumental in individuals being separated from God. These wounds require time and a peaceful environment in order to heal. We would like to provide peaceful settings to allow time of renewal and healing to occur.

Spiritual Footsteps would be a place in which others would be encouraged to become aware of the closeness of God and his abundant love for each of us. By following in the footsteps of Jesus, each individual would be encouraged to develop a deep sustaining relationship with God. Our facilities would become self-sustainable by providing low cost vacation packages where these same people would get the chance to interact with friends or family in a fun filled environment to laugh, play and build memories for the future. As rest is vitally important for mental and emotional health, so is joy and laughter. Spiritual Footsteps would like to bring a little heaven to earth and bless others with this restorative resource.