Charismatic Witchcraft


You must learn to follow God and not man. Don’t fall into the trap of idolizing your leader. You must be free from man so that you can do what God wants in your life.


Unknown witchcraft is commonly practiced in the Christian world by laymen and leaders. This is called charismatic witchcraft. A pastor or leader who tries to control his flock or group is practicing witchcraft. He or she may feel that they know what is best for their people and they try to force it to happen. They may or may not know what is best for others but they have no right to force their will on others. The best example is God, He will not force His Will on us.

We have worked with people who have been controlled by a dictatorial pastor. The pastor has formed soul ties with those who have yielded to his control rather than the direction of God in their lives. It is necessary to forgive the pastor, break soul ties and cast out demons.

If you have left a church that truly does not follow Jesus Christ, then you need to renounce that church or organization, forgive them, break soul ties, and cast out demons. The Catholic Church is a good example of an organization that tries to control their people completely. Many charismatic leaders fall into this trap of trying to control people and their money in order to build their kingdoms whether small or large.

We went to a church where the pastor seemed to let the Holy Spirit have His way in the services. There was a tremendous freedom there and you could hardly wait to get to church to see what God was going to do. Then the pastor decided that it was his church and would be run the way he wanted it to be run for his selfish reasons. After that, the freedom left and it was like any other charismatic church.


Another aspect of Ahab and Jezebel is Charismatic Witchcraft. Witchcraft is the practice of trying to control others for personal gain. Charismatic witchcraft is exercising control over other Christians by leaders or by anyone within the congregation. A lot can be written about this subject. There are many demons associated with control of others. This practice is basically mind control.

Soul ties are formed with those to whom we submit our wills. Soul ties can be formed with leaders of the church as well as with anyone in the occult that we go to for help. A dictatorial pastor will form soul ties with his congregation.

The church leaders are cursed by trying to take the place of God in our lives. The congregation is cursed for following man rather than God.

We have no right to control others! God gave us a free will and even He will not try to control us! Therefore, we enter into agreement with Satan and his demons when we attempt to control others, and we are practicing witchcraft!


Witchcraft is the practice of trying to control others for personal gain. Charismatic witchcraft is exercising control over other Christians by leaders or anyone within the church. Charismatic witches use personal prophecy to control others.

Soul ties are formed with those to whom we submit our wills. Soul ties can be formed with leaders of the church as well as with anyone in the occult that we go to for help. A dictatorial pastor will form soul ties with his congregation.

The church leaders are cursed by trying to take the place of God in our lives. The congregation is cursed for following man rather than God.

Queen Jezebel was a prime example of controlling others. A Jezebelic woman is actually practicing witchcraft as she tries to control her family. Charismatic witches are Jezebels.

A lot can be written about this subject. There are many demons associated with control of others. This practice is basically mind control.


There are those who can’t make clear judgements on issues and misuse the verse to judge not. Many do not realize they are to judge every prophecy, the fruit in our lives and in the lives of others, and on and on. You need to judge everything you see, hear or read. If not, you will be submitted to every wind of evil doctrine and fall into many hurtful traps. I once heard a pastor tell his people they should not criticize him even when he is wrong, neither should they talk about him. I have seen strange things in that church: an unusually large number of divorces, illegitimate children, crimes of theft and forced entry, idolatry, etc. People should be taught to properly make scriptural judgement.


Witchcraft is defined as the power or practices of witches; sorcery; black magic; enchantment; irresistible influence; fascination; bewitching attraction or charm. Enchantment is defined as the act of casting a spell over; the use of magic to charm; the state of being under the influence of a magic spell or charm; a magic spell or charm; something that charms or delights greatly; great delight or pleasure. Also consider the words fascination, charm, captivation, allurement. Witchcraft is simply trying to control others for your own benefit no matter how worthy the cause may be.

God anoints and provides for his ministers to do his work here on earth. The people look to the ministers to help them live according to the Bible. This gives them a power over the people that can be used for good or evil. Silly women look up to the pastors as someone on a pedestal and frequently end up having sex with the weak pastors. Silly men want the admiration of the pastors and try to please the prideful pastors to gain favor. In the positions of the fivefold ministry, it is easy to fleece the flock.


When we got into deliverance, people would come to us for help of many different types. They wanted us to go to God and find out what they were supposed to do. They wanted us to be their parents, show them parental love and tell them how to conduct their lives. They wanted to pay us for our help, give us gifts of love, and give us tithes and offerings.

Why would the people come to us for help? The Christian body is hurting and can not find the needed help in the church. The churches refuse to practice deliverance, healing, etc. and teach the whole truth of the Bible. If the people have problems, the church sends them to the world for help. They are sent to the medical profession to be physically healed in the body, to the psychiatric profession to be mentally healed in the soul, to the social profession to be financially healed in the material realm, and in certain ways to the world in general to be spiritually healed such as receiving peace.

The people did not feel that they could hear from God or had a good relationship with Him. They thought that we did since we could help them and that God would speak to us for them. They may have been lazy, ignorant or have some other reason why they wanted to place us as intermediaries between them and God. They may have have had a Catholic or other religious background which caused them to look to man rather than directly to God for guidance.

Their parents did not provide the proper role models pointing them towards God, The Father. It is so important how the parents raise their children. Parents actually are in a position of being like God in the lives of the children. The way a child relates to their parents, especially to the father, is the way the child will relate to God in later life.

Many times when the children do not have good parents, they go through life seeking someone to fill that void in their lives. The parents may not have shown love for them. So, they seek love from others to fulfill that need. The parents may have been absentee parents and not given them guidance. So, they will seek others to guide them. They are still acting like a child even though they are adults.

People are so grateful for what you have done to help them that they are willing to pay you for your services or give you their tithe money. If God told them to give us money, then we would have to accept so that they could be blessed.

And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give (Mat. 10:7-8). This is our motto; we love to sing and read it to the forces of evil. It could also be thought of as a great commission to us as well as other Christians. Notice that it said to freely give because that God has freely given to us.

In our early ministry, God told us not to play God in the lives of his people. He was God and God would direct His church. We have tried to do that ever since. We do our best to help people, they do not owe us anything, and they are free to go and never return. This has worked out very well; God has rewarded us for obeying His Instructions.

It is easy to take advantage of the Christian body. God places the five-fold ministry and other spiritual leaders in a position where the people trust them and respect them. The leaders then take advantage of God’s people for their own selfish reasons: build a building, an empire, a ministry, an individual, etc. to satisfy and glorify the individuals in charge of the work. You especially see the leaders taking advantage of the money supplied for the use of themselves, their families and their friends. They take advantage of the women in the church, and sometimes sexually, especially in the black churches.


Parents are like God in the lives of their children. They should raise the children to have the proper relationship with Father God. The ministry should not act like God in the lives of their congregation. The leaders should train the people to go directly to God for their guidance.


We have seen this pattern through the years as we have ministered to people who have come out of churches and religious organizations, or came out from under the control of a pastor or other leader of that organization. It is amazing to watch the leader work witchcraft on his flock either ignorantly or deliberately to control them.

We have also seen this pattern as we sat in the congregation and had the leaders try to exercise witchcraft over us. We recognized the practice and did not receive it. Most people do not recognize the practice and receive demons. The people open themselves up to demonic attack by their blind allegiance to the leaders and organization, and by accepting, not resisting, the damnable doctrine that was preached. Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch (Mat. 15:14).

What happens is that the leader opens the flock up to demonic attack through his actions. The evil spirits assigned over the organization will be there because of the actions of the leader. Soul ties will be formed between the leader and the congregation. The leader will place curses on the followers. The leader will loose certain demons on the congregation due to what he says.

Let’s talk in generalities. If the leader is sexually immoral, then the ruler will be a sexual demon; controls the congregation – witchcraft; steals money from the treasury – covetousness; drinks alcoholic beverages – addictions; glorifies himself – spiritual pride; and on and on. Then the ruler demons will try to cause the congregation to be like the leaders. If the leader is sexually loose, then the people will tend to be sexually loose. The religious organization will go the way of its leaders. A church we went to had three leaders fall into sexual sin; there were many illegitimate children in the church.

What is amazing is to watch these practices in Christians who move in deliverance. A Christian who walks in deliverance should be among the best educated of all Christians and have a better balance about what the Bible says. This is especially true of the deliverance ministers or lay workers. For instance, a pastor will cast out demons of witchcraft that came into the people in his congregation from practices outside of the church on the one hand, and then put demons of witchcraft into people in his congregation through his practices on the other hand.

In one example, the following happened. The pastor instilled fear in his people. He warned them about outside organizations, leaving the church, not submitting to his authority, criticizing him, etc. In the church, they had to obey and not question his authority. Outside the church, they couldn’t leave his church and go to another church. They were paralyzed and were slaves to him. They were fearful of criticizing him and having him attack them from the pulpit. They were afraid to leave the church and lose their salvation. They were afraid of other organizations and people. If the people left, the people that remained could not associate with their dear friends that had left.

The church cursed and prayed against the people that left the church, and against any other group of people that the pastor may have had trouble with. Their actions sent demons to attack these people and organizations.

What were the results of the actions of the leaders? The leaders loosed demons on the people in the congregation and sent demons after the people that had left or had problems with the church. They cursed the people and spoke failure in their lives. The people had soul ties with the leaders.

When the people left the church, they felt that God did not love them, they may be loosing their salvation, they were fearful of many things, they could not function normally in life, they were hurt and rejected by the way they were treated, had pains and illnesses associated with fears, had spiritual pride about being in the only church, had problems forgiving the pastor and congregation about the way they were treated, were deceived about things of God, blamed the Lord for what had happened, and were confused and weakened by the experiences.

When an outside church renounced the practices of this church, the church was attacked by demons sent from the other church. The pastor and congregation had many problems in the church. You had one church praying against the other church. Actually, you had one church cursing the other church and loosing demons to attack the people in the church.

How can these curses fall on leaders, followers and other churches? As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come (Pr. 26:2). The curses fall on the leaders because they ignorantly or deliberately practice witchcraft which is clearly contrary to the Bible. The curses fall on the followers because they ignorantly follow the leaders who are sinning. The curses fall on other churches because they ignorantly practice the Word of God and leave themselves open to curses. The main reason is ignorance or lack of knowledge of the Bible. There are many other reasons such as the leader’s selfishness, follower’s weaknesses and a church’s partial following of the Bible. We all probably have cracks in our armor which allow demons to attack us under certain circumstances.

You must completely break free spiritually and physically from the organization and its leaders. You must renounce the organization and its practices spiritually to God. You must ask God to help you in all of these things, and to have faith and trust in God. To do this requires forgiveness for the leaders and followers, asking God to forgive you for your sins of bitterness, etc., asking God to forgive and bless them, breaking soul ties and curses on your family, casting out demons that came in through soul ties, curses and association with the organization, praying for physical healing, and disciplining your mind not to yield to the programmed thinking of the leaders and demons.


No person should try to act like God in the lives of others and violate their freewill. Let God direct the actions of His Children. No person should submit their freewill to the leaders and become passive. A passive person is easily demonized because they yield. Both the leaders and the congregation will become demonized.


When people are subjected to these control practices, they become hurt and are influenced by the families of Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion respectively in that order. They are attacked by the Charismatic Witchcraft demons sent from the leaders to the congregation. They personally submit to the Passive Mind demons by their actions. If people outside of the church have controlled them, then they are attacked by the Witchcraft demons of occult and demonic associations. If they personally have submitted to substances of abuse, then they are attacked by the Witchcraft demons of sorcery, drugs, alcohol, etc. which control the mind.


Our Dear Heavenly And Gracious Father, please forgive us for practicing charismatic witchcraft. We forgive those who have practiced charismatic witchcraft against us. We break the power of the ruler demons over family and organization. We break demonic ties, bonds and caps. We break soul ties to pastors, religious leaders or any Christian who has been trying to control us. We break curses placed on us by submitting our wills to others. We break curses brought by charismatic witchcraft and control. We break the curse of Jezebel and Ahab. We renounce false gifts given by Satan. We drive out demonic works and associated spirits of witchcraft and mind control in The Name Of Jesus Christ as follows.

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13 Responses so far.

  1. Jenny says:

    Full Armor of God!! Satan comes as light to deceive! Same story different day! A lot of churches are wounding their flock, I’ve learned at a young age that the only one I’ll take a knee too is God the Father! The Trinity will direct my path!!

  2. JQLN says:

    This article is a blessing I am so glad to have come upon it. Speaks to me in MANY ways. Controlling people even from the pulpit IS WITCHCRAFT!!!

  3. Gail says:

    Thank God for this revelation I was praying and listening closely to what I saw in the spirit and this Rhema word came to me”CHRASMATIC WITCH CRAFT “ and the Holy Spirit of God said look it up , research it; so I did. And just as I thought it was going sound me in my church and many churches alike. This have been a great source and I will be led by Holy Spirit to teach it and pray against all forces to ruin the establishment of church and people. Thank you nay God continue to bless you and grant you peace, wisdom, and all you need for the body of Christ to become fruitful according to the unadulterated Word of God.

  4. Hope says:

    Witchcraft is very familiar in pentecostal churches, the great symptoms to realize it is controlling, domination, intimidation, enchantments, seduce to practice all illegitimate activities, creat delusions, evil harm, curse, perform to quench black and white desire.

    According to Christianity it is the work of the flesh. Though it is practiced apart not from God, and hint it is thus a work collaborating with Stan and his demons.

    But in reality it is very difficult anyone who could truely according to the bible identify and silence or reveal promised solutions.

  5. Shanna says:

    Hmm wow! I’m reading and I am so thankful because this is what I am currently experiencing with my church and the church I was apart of before. I heard someone mention Charismatic Witch craft to me yesterday and I had to research it. Thank You so much and will continue to pray and do what is necessary.

  6. Beverly Leblanc says:

    wow.. I am reading this article and I am seeing my life 7 years ago.. I remember when I was about to leave a sister ask me if I was not afraid because the pastor keep saying that there is a grace upon his life to prosper and those who leave the church would live in poverty.. There is so much more that I can say. I can actually write a book. Thanks for sharing this article

  7. Karen R says:

    I thank God for the revelation of this article. I had a deliverance session with a “Man of God” through him I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and did receive deliverance from my issues. He however starting forming a friendship with me and want me to be on his Ministry board as well as work alongside him in the secular world. Then I felt his feelings getting stronger for me … a soul tie was formed. I tried to question our relationship and feelings and he said everything was “ God ordained “ even though we are both married., As I tried cutting ties he cut me off completely leaving me abandoned, confused and rejected. How could this “ Man of God” become cold and heartless the same one who changed my life. I feel deceived and am asking God to heal and reveal

  8. Laquisha says:

    Wow. This is confirmation for me. My husband abandoned me and the kids, moved to a different state to follow some “Apostle”. . .He turnes his back on us for no reason and is under full control of that man and their group. It’s like a cult. He left me financially bankrupt and I ended up losing our home and am now living in a shelter with my children. I always always questioned if this was witchcraft or not. My husband and those people in the group shunned me and told me I was blaspheming the Holy Spirit by accusing that man of witchcraft. But what else could it be if it literally destroyed my whole family and caused my husband to hate me for no reason and turn his back on me and the kids??? Charismatic witchcraft!!! That’s it. I never even heard of that term but it is exactly what has happened to my husband
    He seems so brainwashed and cannot make his own decision. This is so devestating and crazy. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been praying so hard but it seems like my husband is a lost cause. But I know God can do anything. Thank you so much for this article. There was so much insight and gives me more to pray about. God bless you!!!

    • Nirangenan Tharumarajah says:

      Sister my fiancée went through the same thing with me. I broke through thank God for this article.

  9. Good read. It’s ministry abuse when you’re forced to answer for other people’s problems. God is unlimited and has all our resources, when we learn to keep our soul in the 4th dimension of faith.

  10. Scott Bitz says:

    Matthew {18:20} “For where two or three are gathered
    together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
    Unquote. – KJV (Translated from the “inspired version” of the Gospel = Greek.)
    If this translation holds true, the minimum number of people for a “Church” is two. No building, pastor, or 501(c)(3) certification required.
    “Trust in God” = Good advise.
    Trust Biblical Doctrine? Which version? There are at least a hundred English translations, some slightly, and some drastically different from each other. Here’s a clue:

  11. Mark H says:

    Tis is so true. Up until a year ago I was a part of a Pentecostal (apostolic) organization. There was always so much fear and control, recently read “Exposing Spiritual Abuse by Mike Fehlauer. I t was if the author sat in my church for 50 years. It is sad what pastors will do. More like Jim Jones and his koolaid.
    I mean to tell someone they can come to this church one Sunday and go to another the next Sunday.CRAZY! I could make a LifeTIMe movies on the church I just left. The sad thing is my wife and I were kin on both sides of the family. Of course the treat of differently now. i could write a book.

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