Nothing Shall Be Impossible Seed - Part 1 ()

Raul Cruz, August 6, 2016
Part of the Healing Connection series, taught at a Healing Connection service

Greetings Disciples of the Lord

This past Saturday is was my privilege to teach and train on "Nothing Shall Be Impossible Seed"

This teaching really confirmed what others wanted to know more about in regards to how do I do what Jesus said when he told the disciples that nothing shall be impossible to you.

Well we deal with situations all the time that are in the realm of the impossible and yet Jesus said that nothing shall be impossible with just a grain of mustard seed faith.

Faith is used with words - there is no other way around it. When faced with difficult situations we tend to clam up and worry. Instead of speaking faith filled words like the Master did. There was never a situation he didn't speak to and overcome with words.

I believe this teaching will help you grab a hold of what he said - how he said it - and then how to apply it yourself. I personally believe that once you get a hold of the simplicity of what he told them to do; you too will grab a hold of your nothing shall be impossible seed and put your faith to work. Hallelujah!


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